I was asked to write a blog on the topic of something to the tune of “So You’re Not a Leader.” This is a sensitive topic in today’s culture. Leadership, in many ways, is held up on a pedestal. Something to aspire to. Something to achieve.

I’d like to begin with a story I heard over a decade ago about “Robert.”

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Libby Farmen

I hate writing a blog that has anything to do with politics because of the divisive nature of the landscape. But, this blog is more about a philosophy on human growth and development. I cannot get a comment made by a commentator out of my head as it made an outstanding point on playing to one’s talents. After watching President Donald Trump address a Joint Session of Congress for the first time, commentator Van Jones stated, “If he finds a way to do that over and over again, he will be there for eight years.” This comment has been circling around in my mind for weeks now.

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In 1979 I went to Atlantic City to serve on the opening team of the Playboy Hotel and Casino. It was a boom town, bustling with activity. Numerous casinos were under construction. The energy and excitement were palpable. It was a heady time. Atlantic City was being reborn.

In conversation with a long-time resident, I learned that in days gone by diving horses had been a major attraction along the once famous boardwalk. A horse and rider would walk up a long ramp to a high platform that extended over the ocean and  jump off. Voluntarily! Diving horse.

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Have you ever heard these words?

“You need a coach.”

Have you said them to someone you manage?

What did they mean?

Typically when I hear leaders say:

“I think Andy needs some coaching…”

…what they really mean is something like,

“Andy just isn’t cutting it. I’m throwing up my hands. Maybe a coach can turn this situation around.”

Watching the Olympics this year, I’m hoping leaders everywhere around the world are noticing the same thing I am.

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There are too many people who don’t like their jobs. Almost every day is a bad day. This increases stress and anxiety, which has a negative impact on physical, mental and emotional health. In many cases, these people bring stress and negativity into their homes, which negatively impacts their family and friends. If you don’t like your job, if you’re frequently experiencing bad days, if you feel trapped in your job, this post is for you.

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