Kim Shirk

It’s amazing once you have a lens on talent the way the world opens your eyes to unique perspectives. This is exactly what happened for our Co-Founder, Doug Rath. He recalls,

“I was once in British Columbia and saw an older couple canoeing on a lake with choppy waters and was astonished at how adept they seemed to be in this canoe. I spoke to them when they came ashore and asked the man in the couple if he was nervous and he said, ‘If you know how to canoe it's the safest vehicle in not only rough lake water but in rough seas.’”

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This is a topic I wish I wasn’t writing about today. But I feel compelled to do it anyway. I don’t usually talk about my days as an athlete but this is a soul-baring kind of post so to give you a little context, when I was a 5’4” tall high school senior, I jumped over a 5’10” bar to become the girls’ state high jump champion in Texas. Seven years earlier, the person who taught my knobby-kneed, awkward, 10-year-old self how to high jump was Ray Myers. Aside from my dad, Ray was one of my earliest and best coaches and mentors. And I found myself posting this tribute to him on social media on Monday morning this week:

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Larry Sternberg

As the National Football League prepares for Super Bowl LI and the Patriots and the Falcons head for the final game in front of millions of people, some NFL players are looking ahead to another stage in their career.

“An NFL career average is 3.5 years, so when you’re done playing in the NFL, you are still very young even for the regular work world,” according to James Brewer, NFL Offensive Tackle for the New York Giants.

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Through discussions I’ve had with medical staff at the Veteran’s Administration I learned that many veterans are not comfortable shining the light upon themselves. Whatever a veteran’s sacrifice, he or she is humbled by the other veterans who have made even greater sacrifices. During Veteran’s Day public appreciation exists but contrasts with a very personal experience that many veterans tend to harbor. For many, individual recognition is uncomfortable. In general, the appreciation for veterans offered on Veterans Day is valued and appreciated by veterans.

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Alan Momeyer is a loyal friend to Talent Plus and has long been a client of ours in his work as the Vice President of Human Resources for Loews Hotels Corporation. He was a featured speaker at our Client Engagement Roundtable last year held in San Diego just as he was beginning his retirement. A lifelong baseball fan, we extended once again an invitation to join us for the College World Series, held annually in Omaha, and to come speak to Talent Plus associates about the impact The Science of Talent has had on his career and life in general. We are honored to share a few pieces of his blog and his trip below.

"From Tuscany to...Nebraska?

Does it get any more yin and yang than that?

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