People Find Solutions…
and We Know People.

Talent Plus has scientific solutions to help you select the very best people into your organizations. Our validated research proves results in:

  • growing customer satisfaction
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing turnover
  • strengthening employee engagement
  • sustaining excellence and profitability

We offer our products and services across four solution sets:

Front Line
Select top-performing front line employees through online assessments and/or interviews. From there our development programs are designed to maximize associate growth potential at every level.

Select the best talent for the mutual benefit of your company and the individual. Development tools build on selection so that your organization's managers and professionals can gain further knowledge of their strengths, as well as insight on how to leverage those strengths and the strengths of their team members to be more productive and meet organizational goals.

Senior Leader
Senior Leader selection ensures world-class organizations a competitive advantage in the search for and selection of senior leaders. Our Senior Leader solutions strengthen leaders' relationships with the individuals and organizations they lead as well as the external environment in which their organizations operate.

Cultural Development
Talent Plus' employee engagement process provides a disciplined, scientific diagnosis to better understand the cultural and environmental elements that produce morale, quality and service orientation.