Amy Zuckerman | Vision

“We believe that we have to hire people who have that same passion that we are ambassadors of the brand and that we have been charged with this huge responsibility to carry that out.”

Amy Zuckerman
Vice President of Human Resources
Ferragamo USA.

John Saich | Navigating Thought Processes

“...there’s a level of sophistication within health care today that is centered on the patient, but there’s so many things that you can get distracted by. Talent Plus helps us navigate through all of the divergent thought processes to bring it together and stay focused on what’s important. ”

John Saich
Select Medical.

Carter Wilson | Hotel is Known for Service

“The hotel is not like an office space where you sign a lease for a year. A hotel has nightly leases so people can choose to stay or not stay in the blink of an eye. What we are seeing is those hotels that are known for their service, are known for their innovation and ways to use people to their highest peak.”

Carter Wilson
Sr. Executive
STR Analytics.

Paul Roa | Talent Crosses Cultures

“I am very proud and privileged to have worked in two companies that believed and aspire talent through Talent Plus.”

Paul Roa
Director of Corporate Quality Improvement
Shangri-La Hotels.