Kimberly Byars | The People

“What differentiates a dealership is refining the experience people are having when they come into the dealership. It is going to be what your team brings to the table so is your team building that relationship and strengthening that partnership so it is not just about the car anymore. We have to focus more on our customer and their experience.”

Kimberly Byars
Training Operations Manager

Betsy Neilio | After Talent Plus

“The employees are more engaged and then the members become more engaged, which affects your bottom line, which is revenue. We get so many comments on the service, which I believe is a direct relationship to the people that we select and we do that through our tool at Talent Plus.”

Betsy Neilio
Former HR Administrator
Bethesda Country Club.

Michael Bleich | The Human Response

“We need a more robust type of nurse who can express multiple kinds of talents in the healthcare system today. Talent Plus has helped us do that and figure that out.”

Michael Bleich
Goldfarb School of Nursing.

Hans van der Reijden | Talent Over Experience

“With Talent Plus you really look first at what is the raw material you get to work with and if that measures up with what we are looking for front desk operation then it really comes down to is it the right fit for the department, for the culture, do we really like the person and train them with technicals?”

Hans van der Reijden
General Manager
The Hotel at Auburn University (Capella).