Hans van der Reijden | Defining Hospitality

“The true definition for hospitality for me is how do we make people feel? That sounds really simplistic. It is being hospitable and making them feel like they are coming into your home, it’s not transaction-able, it is really an experience that you create.”

Hans van der Reijden
General Manager
The Hotel at Auburn University (Capella).

Ed Eynon | Selection of People

“A real power in business is in that great selection. I think that is true anywhere I have been. There is always that opportunity to change the course of that whole business with the right selection of people.”

Ed Eynon
Vice President of Human Resources
KSL Properties.

Betsy Neilio | Earl Story

“That is the most positive profound experience that I feel in my job now as HR is that we give opportunities to people that other companies would never give the opportunity to.”

Betsy Neilio
Former HR Administrator
Bethesda Country Club.