Ed Eynon | Why Talent Plus? The People

“I mean if my best friend wanted a job I would run them through Talent Plus - people I have known all my life. It is really the power of what is here, the technology, the science is what keeps me coming back.”

Ed Eynon
Vice President of Human Resources
KSL Properties.

Vincent Ottomanelli & Amy Zuckerman | Values

“I think from a valued perspective I’d like to talk about in our organization loyalty, honesty, consistency and commitment. These seem like obvious virtues but they are very important for us and I think it is very important for a successful organization.”

Vincent Ottomanelli
Ferragamo USA.

Cynthia Smith | Shortening the Search

“So being able to have that ranking order, being able to utilize the tool at Talent Plus – to say high-to-low these are the individuals and this is the recommend line for those folks – has been imperative to shortening up that search. You don’t know about fit in 30 minutes; you don’t know about fit, you don’t know how to assess it. So to have the science behind it really, really helps you be sure of your choice.”

Cynthia Smith
Recruitment Manager
University of Kansas Hospital.

Donna Golden | Comprehensive Business Results

“[Talent Plus] is not only going to make your job much better, it will make your work environment much better. It’s much easier to implement your culture in this environment. And on top of that it’s cost saving because the individuals you are hiring are a good fit for the job, enjoy the job, and our turnover has reduced below what I ever thought could be possible.”

Donna Golden
Human Resources Director
The Hotel at Auburn University (Capella).