Amy Zuckerman | Selection Process

“Our selection process is really long and intense. It is really long and intense because once we bring you into the organization you stay and it is a commitment on our part. We do a whole lot with not that many people because everyone is hard working and passionate and really working to the best of their ability.”

Amy Zuckerman
Vice President of Human Resources
Ferragamo USA.

Betsy Neilio | Talent-Based Organizations

“I love where I am and I love how much we have a culture of Talent Plus but if I were to look for another job I would only look to work in another organization that is a Talent Plus organization because it is not just about the selection it is about the culture that surrounds now who you’ve selected and who is a part of that culture.”

Betsy Neilio
Former HR Administrator
Bethesda Country Club.

Grace Greenan & Laura Vansyckle | Motivation to Care

“I think that the biggest result is motivation. The staff is really motivated. For me, I’m motivated to put my best foot forward every day, and I think that really makes for an atmosphere where we are tending to our patients the best possible way we can.”

Grace Greenan (not pictured)
Director of Talent Utilization
Virginia Hospitals


“I have a wonderful team I work with that inspire me every day and I feel like I’m making a difference and I have to have that in my life.”

Laura Vansyckle
Director of Recruitment
Virginia Hospitals.

Kimberly Byars | Culture

“I love the energy here, I love the culture here. If I can transcend that over to BMW North America and then to the dealer network I think it is a win-win for everyone.”

Kimberly Byars
Training Operations Manager