Alisa Ford | Candidate Push Back

“You know you always get candidates that push back and say, “I don’t want to take an assessment; it’s 200 questions and it just takes longer to do the application.” And yet we think it’s important that if they want the job bad enough hopefully, and the right talent, that they will do it without question.”

Alisa Ford
Vice President of Human Resources
University of Kansas Hospital.

Kimberly Byars | Selection

“In order to enhance customer experience we have to select the right people at the dealership level to give this ultimate customer experience.”

Kimberly Byars
Training Operations Manager

Ed Eynon | Talent Plus Principles

“Some of the talent-based principles are quite opposite of the traditional private equity model. In time, if you can establish those links to the PnL they work and even the most hardcore people will see that.”

Ed Eynon
Vice President of Human Resources
KSL Properties.

Michael Bleich | Nursing Science

“Will that nurse advocate for a patient when the chips are down and that patient needs a voice? Those are important questions for us and so we think the answer is yes.”

Michael Bleich
Goldfarb School of Nursing.