Vincent Ottomanelli & Amy Zuckerman | Company's Most Valuable Assets

“I need to remind ourselves that we are a for-profit organization so the mission for us is we are not only looking to dress people and carry on but we want to significantly develop our business, both our revenues and our profits. To be in our business, it is a fun one to be in. It’s also fun when you are growing it significantly and developing it.”

Vincent Ottomanelli
Ferragamo USA

David Simmons | A Different Energy

“It was so different than anything I’d ever experienced and I asked the general manager what was the difference, what did I feel? There was a different energy. There was positivity in the air that was palpable. And he told me that it was due to a talent selection tool called Talent Plus.”

David Simmons
Vice President of Talent Development

Ed Eynon | Before Talent Plus

“In those rare times in my career where I didn’t have Talent Plus with me and just trying to wing it on experience and logic, it doesn’t work.”

Ed Eynon
Vice President of Human Resources
KSL Properties.

Kimberly Byars | The Science

“When you’ve got scientific data that backs up this is truly how this person thinks I think you have a better pipeline of candidates and I think it’s when you have looked at those candidates and you are creating this culture with these same types of people and I think it is much more beneficial and productive for the organization.”

Kimberly Byars
Training Operations Manager