We are a compelling citizen to have in any community…

At Talent Plus, we deeply believe in impacting the surrounding community. For us, that extends internationally as well. This allows associates to express their desire to contribute to a specific organization and enables us, as a Talent-Based Organization ® (TBO ®), to extend the arms of our talent to organizations to make a great impact and build a Talent-Based Community ® (TBC ®).






Each year, we survey our associates and ask them along with our Leadership for their input in choosing what we call “Social Responsibility Pillars.”  Four Pillars are chosen every year. They are selected based on these criteria:

  • Talent Plus, in partnering with the leadership of the organizations, can achieve the greatest impact by aligning with the organization.
  • Collectively cover local, national and international regions to allow associates in our extended community to fully participate.

Talent Plus associates contribute their time and talent toward aligning with each pillar’s mission for the year.


Social Responsibility

Click here to view some outcomes of our social responsibility efforts from the last year!



When we give back, we have fun. These are just a sample of the snapshots we've taken along the way.

  • Senior PromSenior Prom
  • Back to schoolBack to school
  • Going PinkGoing Pink
  • Happy HolidaysHappy Holidays
  • Build it up!Build it up!
  • Pep rallyPep rally
  • Significance AwardSignificance Award
  • Celebrating TalentCelebrating Talent
  • Type None!Type None!
  • Brr!Brr!
  • Bird housesBird houses
  • Purse shoppingPurse shopping
  • LightingLighting
  • Dinner's ready!Dinner's ready!
  • DishesDishes


Our social responsibility team also works hard to incorporate volunteer opportunities and fundraising into all company events and meetings. That might look like a jeans day to raise money for Special Olympics, a company raffle with funds dedicated to the Food Bank of Lincoln’s BackPack Program or an opportunity to dunk one of our own associates into a tank of water to raise money for the Good Neighbor Community Center.

  • Community AwardCommunity Award
  • RecognitionRecognition