Organizational culture is essentially “how we do things around here.” It’s not what we say our values are. It’s what we actually do. This quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson states it so clearly:

What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.

As a manager, your responses to poor performance and bad behavior literally shape your organization’s culture. And they have far greater power than anything you say about your expectations for people’s performance and behavior.

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By 2030 the world will need many more senior care professionals than ever before. It may not be a field that comes to mind first for college students and recent grads, but within the next decade, senior care providers, managers and leaders will be in high demand. And Millennials along with Generation Z (whose oldest members will be nearly 30 by 2030) will be most likely to answer the call.

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Emotional rehiring. It’s an odd phrase. Maybe you’ve never heard it before. But you’ve probably done it – or someone has done it for you – at least once.

It’s a specific expression of gratitude that results in “re-upping” your commitment to the relationship you share with another person. Here’s a simple, straightforward example:

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Are recognition and appreciation embedded into your organization’s culture?

Before you answer, here’s something you should know (source):

  • 80% of senior leaders think their employees are being recognized at least monthly.
  • But only about 20% of individual contributors say they actually receive recognition that often.

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Senior Care HR Executive Summit (SHINE) at the Loews Hotel in Chicago. While the Senior Care industry is experiencing growth rates we have not yet seen in the health care industry, along come new opportunities and challenges. The annual SHINE Conference provides an outstanding and timely platform for HR leaders in Senior Care to network with peers, deep dive into real-world scenarios and learn of actionable items to bring back to their organizations.

Of the numerous topics discussed, ’d like to share my takeaways from this year’s conference as you begin to address pressing HR challenges in senior care.

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