Talent Plus associates, Fran Westfall, Director of Technology Solutions, and Cole Gade, Health Care Business Consultant, are featured among fellow experts, discussing ways to uncover top talent through recruitment with GetApp Lab. The article, “How to Find and Hire Skilled Workers in New Locations,” states that “more than two thirds (39 percent) of these companies cited it as the biggest constraint they face in striving to achieve their business goals over the next one to two years.”

Westfall shares her thoughts on sourcing top candidates in new business locations, saying that “we utilized local community colleges, colleges and universities; the local Chambers of Commerce, malls and local contacts to help us communicate recruiting events as we often couldn’t post positions or use online resources until contracts for the particular location were finalize.”

Gade also weighs in, sharing that “while sending over a job description and link to apply is great, providing more information surrounding the type of individual, experience and role specifics helps them help you. They may even have someone in mind for the role once they learn more. And, this would not work if you were hiring for one targeted role, but if you are hiring for a handful of the same roles.”

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