In this week's episode we discuss the final chapter of our book, “Managing to Make a Difference.” It’s about gratitude. In this chapter we encourage readers to think about the people who made a significant, positive and lasting difference in their lives and to answer the following question: “What did each of these people do that made such a big difference?”  This act of self-reflection provides important insights and guidance about how to make a positive difference in the lives of the people you care about.

Our March 1, 2018 episode is podcast number 51 of our 52-week series. In conversation with moderators, Kim Shirk and Kyle Bruss, Larry Sternberg reviews some of his personal favorite lessons learned from the book, Managing to Make a Difference, which he co-authored with Dr. Kim Turnage.

Kyle begins the conversation by asking why the book begins with a focus on relationships. It’s through relationships, Larry say, that people influence each other. So if you want to make a difference in someone’s life you must cultivate the right kind of relationship with each of your people. He explains why he disagrees with the oft given advice to avoid getting close to your people. And he emphasizes the importance of accepting people as they are – and to stop asking them to change. Listen in to find out how this one piece of advice can literally change your life.

Many of our listeners seek to advance in their careers by earning a transfer or promotion. If you’re one of these people, it’s in your self-interest to groom someone who can succeed you as the manager when you move on. By developing someone to replace you, you make it easy for your organization to give you your next career step.

In this episode, Larry Sternberg discusses many of the issues you’ll confront as you groom your replacement

Are you interested in finding a mentor? In this week’s episode, Larry Sternberg shares several easy, practical tips that will increase the odds that you’ll meet the mentor who’s right for you. Tune in to find what they are.

Once you find a mentor, you want to ensure that your mentor finds the relationship worthwhile, and set yourself up to get the most of the experience. Based on his personal interviews with numerous highly successful people, Larry shares lessons learned from them about how to be a good mentee. Very few experts focus this. Want to learn more? Tune in.

Do you feel trapped in a job you don’t like? You can escape the trap. We’ll tell you how in this week’s episode.

Would you like to know the secret to fitting in on a new job? This week’s episode gives you simple, practical strategies that will help you rapidly assimilate.