Many of our listeners seek to advance in their careers by earning a transfer or promotion. If you’re one of these people, it’s in your self-interest to groom someone who can succeed you as the manager when you move on. By developing someone to replace you, you make it easy for your organization to give you your next career step.

In this episode, Larry Sternberg discusses many of the issues you’ll confront as you groom your replacement

Do you feel trapped in a job you don’t like? You can escape the trap. We’ll tell you how in this week’s episode.

Would you like to know the secret to fitting in on a new job? This week’s episode gives you simple, practical strategies that will help you rapidly assimilate.

The world of work is changing rapidly. What once seemed like evolution, now seems more like revolution – the “gig” economy, millennials, mass retirement and artificial intelligence, just to name a few, make today’s war for talent a stressful, brutal battlefield. Employers face the constant challenge of attracting, selecting, developing and retaining superstars. Luckily, using scientifically validated assessments like those created by Talent Plus, organizations are able to make the most intelligent employment decisions. For example, our assessments are approximately 8X more predictive of job performance than years of experience. But no assessment measures all the knowledge, skills, abilities, talents and other characteristics necessary for near-perfect job performance. When applied correctly, a cultural fit interview can be used as a supplemental, complementary data point to further inform employment decisions.

Have you recently been promoted to your first job as a supervisor or manager? If so, congratulations! Yesterday you were one of the guys, and today you’re their boss. You have a new set of important responsibilities and your relationships with your friends and co-workers have changed. This promotion presents a major growth opportunity for you, but it can also be a little scary and stressful.

Join Larry Sternberg and moderator Kim Shirk for some practical tips that will help you navigate this challenging situation. Here are a few of the points they’ll discuss.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Williams to our broadcast this week. The author of several books, he is passionate about helping organizations reach high levels of service and organizational excellence. During seminars and workshops he is frequently asked how a leader can bring about changes in an organization whose culture is firmly established.